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Helena Tucci
Full name Helena Tucci
Status Determinant
Other(s) Angelo Tucci (uncle)
Appears in Watch Dogs
Last appeared A Wrench in the Works

Helena Tucci is a character in Watch Dogs.


According to Helena's CTOS profile, she works as a manager for sales projects, has a median income of $45,000, and graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. She is also mentioned as having an abortion sometime in 2013. In the events of the game, she is contacted by vigilante Aiden Pearce, who, posing as a doctor, asks for her uncle Angelo Tucci's contact information.

After lying about not speaking to him in years, Helena calls her uncle, a Fixer, and warns him about Pearce, unaware that he is using her call to trace him. When Angelo wises up and tells her to hang up, she does so, but not soon enough to stop Pearce from finding and killing him. It is not clear what happens to Helena after his death.

Mission Appearances


  • It is possible to kill her once you find Angelo Tucci's location.