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Haum Electronics

Haum Electronics, Inc, also known as Haum, is a home electronics company in Watch Dogs 2. Their CEO is Steven Bader.


Haum specializes in home automation and making smart homes and technology. They work on multiple home products including toasters, door locks, televisions, blinds and climate control systems. It is known that they are secretly using their products to spy on people and send their data to Blume, who uses it (along with the data from CTOS searches) to power the Bellwether. They also sell their data to interested parties such as certain healthcare companies, all for profit.


During the events of Watch Dogs 2, Haum unveils Haum 2.0, the next verion of their system, that uses CTOS 2.0. DedSec members Marcus, Sitara, Wrench, Josh and Horatio work to expose Haum and its CEO, Steven Bader, as a fraud. They are successful and after the events of the mission Haum Sweet Haum the authorities begin an investigation into the alleged spying activities of the company.


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