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Interior of the main Hackerspace in Watch Dogs 2

Hackerspaces are DedSec hideouts in Watch Dogs 2.


Hackerspaces are locations owned by DedSec which the player can access. Hackerspaces are one-story houses, or basements decorated with DedSec-themed ornamentation and animations. At Hackerspaces, the player may go to sleep to fast forward time, purchase and print more weapons from the 3D Printer, and change their clothing. The player may also buy DedSec-themed attire.

There are four Hackerspaces, and they can be unlocked as the player progresses through the main story. Marcus's main hackerspace is located in central San Francisco, across from Mission Dolores Park. In this one, the main DedSec crew (Sitara, Horatio, Josh, and Ray) can be found. This is usually the hideout that the player must visit to unlock missions, etc. Here, the player can chat with the other characters, or review their follower progression. The Hackerspaces play music from DedSec Pirate Radio.


At hackerspaces, the player can:

  • Meet with DedSec teammates and review Followers progress
  • Use the 3D printer to craft the Jumper and Quadcopter, or to manage Marcus' weapons
  • Customize Marcus' outfits, RC devices, and weapons
  • Use the couch to save your progress, change the time of day, and remove all heat
  • Shout insults at DedSec NPCs standing inside
  • Rest to skip time


  • 1 weapon paint job inside of lower vent in main Hackerspace.
  • 1 Jumper paint job inside of lower vent in main Hackerspace.


There are four Hackerspaces in the game: