Gunmen are enemies that appear in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.
Viceroys gunman

A Black Viceroys gunman


Gunmen are the most basic enemies encountered. Their appearances vary, but they don't wear any particular gear. Police and Blume security officers wear blue and gray uniforms respectively. Chicago South Club gangsters wear either suits or street clothes, Fixers wear suits with shoulder bags, and Black Viceroys wear urban clothing with orange hues. Members of the Pawnee Militia dress in flannel and outdoor wear.

In Watch Dogs 2, Gunmen working for the FBI and San Francisco Police Department wear blue uniforms, Umeni Gunmen wear gray uniforms, Sons of Ragnarok wear denim and leather, 580s wear urban clothing, Bratva wear black sweatpants and sweatshirts, Auntie Shu Boys wear white, and Tezcas wear blue and white plaid.

On the Profiler, Gunmen are indicated by a downward chevron (as seen on the photo).


Gunmen lack experience and armor. They carry small arms such as pistols or SMGs, and mostly just take cover and shoot first. Explosives, automatic weapons, and environmental hacks make short work of them. However, the player has to be careful not to let Gunmen group together, or their concentrated fire will pose a serious threat.


Gunmen appear in every mission involving enemies. In later acts, it seems that they are replaced by Veterans, or Armored Gunmen in Watch Dogs 2. Gunmen work in every gang or organization encountered. Street criminals are indicated as gunmen, even though they rarely shoot the player and usually run. If the player has a heat level of 1, Chicago Police gunmen will appear. They also make appearances if the player has a heat level over 1, but they are progressively replaced by Police veterans, or Armored Gunmen in Watch Dogs 2.


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