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The Getaway Driver is a Skilled Operative Class in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Though deft with their hands and quick on their feet, the Getaway Driver excels the most when they're behind the wheel, able to outrun any police patrol and break through any checkpoint blockade. Anarchists and rabble-rousers alike hope to keep such people close by when the heat comes down.


The Getaway Driver typically comes equipped with the following Traits:

  • Getaway Car - A fast sporty little vehicle perfect for the city and drifting around corners.
  • Anti-Chase - Immune to Chase Drone attacks while driving
  • Clear the Way - Able to hack nearby cars to open up a path and disable Chase Drones
  • Crowbar - Uses fast, quick hitting melee strikes that can damage through an enemy's Block


A Getaway Driver can be recruited into DedSec by raising the Defiance rating of the Tower Hamlets borough. They are also one of the possible Operatives needed to complete the Swipe Right side mission. They can also be found waiting around at areas of heavy foot traffic for potential clients.

  • Directly west and under the bridge attached to Southwark Auto Conversions in Southwark, between 0:00 and 8:00.
  • Near the north corner of Around LDN Bust Depot in Southwark, around 21:00.
  • At the T-junction immediately adjacent to the east side of the Blume Complex in Camden, after 09:00.
  • Around the crossroads at the southmost corner of the Brixton Barrier Block in Lambeth, after 20:00.
  • Across from The Martlet's Nest in the City of Westminster
  • Slightly northeast from Of Songs & Barley in the City of Westminster after 13:00