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Gene Carcani is a character and minor antagonist in Watch Dogs 2.


Gene Carcani is the greedy and amoral CEO of the Carcani pharmaceutical company. Living in San Mateo, he wanted to buy a copy of Bobo Dakes' new album. Marcus is instructed to hack into his home in attempt to extract $20 million for leukemia research. This is mainly due to the fact that Carcani raised the prices of his pharmaceutical products above the limit recently.


  • Carcani currently has by far the highest revealed income of any character in the Watch Dogs series, at $1,705,032,700. Behind him, Dušan Nemec is second at $110,029,000, a significant difference of $1,595,003,700. Dermot Quinn from the first Watch Dogs has the third highest income, at $10,022,700.
  • The fact that Carcani is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and he recently raised the prices on his products makes him a reference to Martin Shkreli, whose company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, was responsible for drastically increasing the price of Daraprim.
    • His desire to acquire Bobo Dakes' album is also reminiscent of Shkreli, who acquired a single-only production of the Wu-Tang Clan's album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin... at auction.
    • Carcani could also be based upon Heather Bresch, CEO of EpiPen company Hylan, who recently increased the price of an EpiPen to over 500% to earn more money for herself.
  • Carcani shares the same surname with Adil Carcani, an Albanian communist politician.