Rabbit (left) and Bedbug
Full name Gary Diggs
Status Determinant
Age 24
Born 1989
Died 2013 (determinant)
Nationality American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation(s) Black Viceroys
Profession Unknown
Voice Actor Brian J. Smith
Appears in 'Watch Dogs'
Appears in Not a Job for Tyrone

Gary "Rabbit" Diggs is a character in Watch Dogs. He is a soldier for the Black Viceroys and an associate of Bedbug.


Rabbit's profile


Rabbit is a tall, lanky man. In his only appearance, he wears a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and black loafers. He sports a silver chain and a matching earring, and his hair is styled into a flat mohawk. He appears to confide in Bedbug, but despite this demands money from him before revealing the reason of their meeting.

Events of Watch Dogs

He requests a meeting with Bedbug to tell him of Iraq's imminent betrayal. After telling him, Bedbug pulls a gun on Rabbit and threatens to shoot him. However, Aiden hacks a regulator that knocks Bedbug down and is then given the task of escorting Rabbit out of the gang hideout without being detected through the security cameras. If Rabbit survives the situation, Aiden will call him and he will give him the location of The Bricks, an abandoned masonry plant where Bedbug's ambush is set to take place. Aiden tells him to take the money that Bedbug has just given him and escape Chicago, and he complies.

If Rabbit is either killed or even just seen, he will drop his phone and Aiden is forced to personally enter the scene to recover it. On it, he finds a voice recording left by Rabbit to remind himself to go to The Bricks to save Bedbug. Either way, he is not seen again.

Mission Appearances


  • According to his CTOS profile, he has an income of $18,200 a year and is a master dominoes player.
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