Manufacturer Bogen
Vehicle Type Civilian car
Category Muscle
Body Style 4-door vintage limousine
Capacity 4 (Driver and passengers)
Price Free
Appears in Watch Dogs
This durable luxury limo was state of the art back in the 70s.
―Description in Watch Dogs.

The Bogen Gambino is a classic sedan that appears in Watch Dogs.


The car's design appears to be based on the 1960s German luxury styling of the Mercedes-Benz 600, with modifications such as an altered grille and the headlights of a Rolls-Royce Corniche. As it is Lucky Quinn's car, its license plate always says "LUC KYQ".


For an old-looking vehicle, the Gambino performs very well thanks to its balanced stats: well armored, good speed, acceptable acceleration, all benefits in a single car. However, due to the long wheelbase compared to other cars, handling is not a great advantage on narrow streets, but is not as long as a Philandra, which still becomes an excellent choice for exigent drivers. The Gambino is the most durable sedan in the game, as seen in the stats. The vehicle is excellent for car-to-car combat and police chases, and with its durability, this car is an all-around reliable vehicle.


General Aspects
Top Speed Acceleration Durability Handling
Star Star Star Star Star half Star Star Star Star Star half Star Star Star Star Star half Star Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded
Technical Aspects
Acceleration Engine Drivetrain Gears
N/A Single-cam V8 Front engine, rear wheel drive 6


Notable Owners



  • The name "Gambino" may be a reference to rapper Childish Gambino, who rides around in an old Mercedes limousine that resembles the Gambino in the music video for his song "Heartbeat". The name may also be a reference to the Gambino crime family.
  • Strangely, the game treats the Gambino as a muscle car, despite it being a classic car instead.
  • This car can be seen outside of the Auction in the main story, but it cannot be entered. It is found outside of the warehouse.


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