The GL-94 is a Russian-designed pump-action grenade launcher. It is excellent in short range, and is an all-around devastator.
―In-game description

The GL-94 is a grenade launcher featuring in Watch Dogs.

Design and Performance

This weapon has the construction of a compact grenade launcher and is inspired by the design of the KBP GM-94. The gun features a folding hook butt stock (which can be folded to double as a carry handle), to help reduce the recoil and improve accuracy. Unlike the GM-94, the in-game model can hold up to four grenades in the internal tube magazine (one more than the real life counterpart).

The GL-94 fires thermobaric 43mm grenades that detonate on impact. The launcher has a relatively low rate of fire, which is compensated for by the extreme damage done by each grenade and the very good accuracy. The weapon is well suited to taking down multiple targets a short distance from each other very quickly. The launcher is also ideally suited to assaulting vehicles with little or no armor.



  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.
  • This grenade launcher also appears in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, also made by Ubisoft.
  • There is a multiplayer glitch where, even if a player has adversarial mode off, shooting that player enough with the GL-94 while they're down will kill them.
  • At $45,500, it is the most expensive weapon in the game.


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