Slot Special
Weapon Type Single-Shot Grenade Launcher
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage Very High
Fire Rate Low
Range High
Stability High
Reload Speed Slow
Ammo Capacity 1|8
Price $4,000 (Gun stores, special offer)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The G106 is a powerful single-shot grenade launcher. It is most effective against obstructions and barriers.
―In-game description

The G106 is a grenade launcher featured in Watch Dogs.


This weapon has the construction of a compact grenade launcher, complete with a lightweight butt-stock. The weapon's design is inspired by that of the Brügger & Thomet GL-06, with NATO accessory rails on top and on the bottom of the hand guard. The G106 appears without the vertical fore grip however.


The launcher fires standard 40mm grenades that detonate on impact. The rate of fire for the weapon is relatively low, but is compensated for by the high damage done by each grenade. The strength of each grenade makes the G106 an ideal weapon for taking down multiple targets that are fairly close together and destroying large objects or vehicles.



  • The G106 was the first explosive weapon to be revealed in Watch Dogs.
  • It is offered in the gun stores, along with the ATSG-12.
  • One can be obtained for free during the final weapons trade investigation mission. It's lying on a crate on top of the catwalk.
  • There is a multiplayer glitch where, even if a player has adversarial mode off, shooting that player enough with the G106 while they're down will kill them.


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