The Frag (short for fragmentation) Grenade is an explosive that sprays a hail of shrapnel upon detonation.
―In-game description.

Fragmentation grenades (Frag grenades for short) are weapons in Watch Dogs.


The grenades appear to be standard-issue explosive devices that are fuse-operated from the moment the pin is removed.

Upon detonation, grenades cause extreme amounts of damage to anything caught within their blast radius. Although grenades are relatively slow to use, the damage caused compensates for this weakness. The area-of-effect nature of their damage makes grenades ideally suited for eliminating either large numbers of targets on foot or smaller numbers of vehicles.

Frag grenades are also used and thrown by enemies to take out Aiden Pearce. They can be identified by a red diamond surrounding a black grenade coming towards Aiden, along with their beeping sound and the flashing red light. If Aiden fails to escape the radius of the thrown frag grenade he will be killed in the explosion. This can be quite dangerous in certain situations, as while Aiden escapes the blast area, he will be vulnerable to gun shots by enemies.


One can use these grenades to destroy a stationary vehicle, any flammable object, or any standing enemy. Because Aiden can throw grenades very far, he does not have to be very exposed in order to use it. However, if launched at an enemy and in his sight, he will likely try to run away from the grenade. While not as powerful as an IED, it doesn't need to be activated via the hacking process, thus able to slow down an enemy, as they will try to avoid the explosive, giving the player an opportunity to escape.


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