A yellow Forklift in Watch Dogs.

Forklifts are hackable objects in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


Watch Dogs

Forklifts are machines intended to lift objects, and can be found all around Chicago. Forklifts can either have payloads or simply a platform. Aiden can hack forklifts for various uses, either to reach a high ledge, lift objects, or even to distract enemies.

Watch Dogs 2

Forklifts remain mostly the same as in Watch Dogs, although they can be driven around completely, as well as lifting objects, offering more possibilities for reaching high ledges or distracting an enemy. Forklifts are either small with compact wheelbases, or large lifting vehicles with enough power to lift a full-size car. All of them are manufactured by Climbax Equipment Company.



Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

  • Easily found in industrial areas, such as warehouses, yards, and naval ports. During the planning parts in the mission $911, small forklifts can be found with explosives on them that can be used to set up traps for the incoming gangs.
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