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Sometimes I wonder if 'Fixer' is just a fancy word for 'hitman'. 
Aiden, at the beginning of The Quick Fix.

Fixers are a collective of mercenaries that appear in Watch Dogs. In multiplayer, other enemy players are known as "fixers".


Fixers are hired to carry out jobs ranging from assassination to data recovery. Their experience and ability can be determined according to their clothing. Fixer gunmen wear open-necked dress suits and satchels and are armed with either pistols or SMGs. Veterans and Marksmen wear hooded anoraks of various colors and carry assault rifles and sniper rifles, respectively. Elites wear grey-colored full body armor and Enforcers wear dark blue and grey heavy armor and wield heavy weapons.


Fixers frequently appear in the game storyline. One notable fixer is Jordi Chin, who works for Aiden and helps him to find the ones who ordered the hit on Aiden and killed his niece, Lena Pearce. Fixers appear as regular enemies, working for antagonists such as Damien Brenks, Defalt, Blume, and the Chicago South Club. After Damien's death, some Fixers organize cells and go into business for themselves.

Mission appearances

Watch Dogs

Bad Blood

Known Fixers

Known employers

  • Damien Brenks: Hires a fixer to reveal the Vigilante's identity on the flat screens of Mad Mile, and others to protect his apartment.
  • Defalt: Hires large numbers of fixers to chase and kill Aiden Pearce, and later, Ray Kenney.
  • Lucky Quinn: Hires large numbers of fixers to assist the Chicago South Club.
  • Blume: Hires large numbers of fixers to track down former employees Ray Kenney and Tobias Frewer.


Fixer vehicles can be identified by their iridescent red paint, but possess no body modifications and are otherwise identical to their stock counterparts. Fixers use the following cars:


While cornering the target/preparing to attack:

​​​"You can't take us all out! Give it up!"

"You know this isn't personal, right?"

"Come on, fucker! Step out so I can kill you!"

​​"I live for this shit! You're not getting away from me motherfucker!"

​​​​​​"That all you got?"'

"There! An opening! Move in!"

"I'm coming for you!"

"There's an opening! Go!"

​​​​​"I'm moving on the target!"

When losing ground (most of their allies have been killed):

"​​​This wasn't a part of the contract!"

"Shit, shit, shit!"

"Alright... keep it together..."

"Stay focused..."

​​​"This is messed up!"

When only one fixer is remaining:

"Fuck me, he killed them all!"

"Come on, finish it! Finish it!"

​​​"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! This is bad!"

"Fuck you asshole! I'm taking you with me!"

"They're just gonna keep sending people until you're dead! You know that right?"

"Come on! Come get me!"

"You're no hero! Look around you! You're a god damn sociopath!"

When/after their communications are hacked:





​​​​"Okay base, what the fuck was that? Tell me someone's fixing it!"

​​​​​​"Jesus fuck, my ears!"

"Command, running test on my gear, I think i've got a malfunction..."

"God damn low end piece of shit!"

"It's over... thank god. I thought my ears were gonna rupture."

​​​When their grenades are hacked/successfully throw them:

​​​​​​"That's impossible! This shit's supposed to have five fail-safe redundancies!"

​​​​​​"What the- aww fuck me!"

"Fuck no! My gear's gonna blow!"

"Shit... i'm armed. Everyone get back!"

"I've got this, i've got this, don't come close!"

​​​​​"Where's the override?"

"Everyone check your gear, explosives might be defective."

"Faulty piece of shit, who bought this?"

​​​​"You saw that? Reflexes like a cat!"

​​​​​"Defective bullshit!"

​​​"Phew! I was so close to buying it!"

"Oh, what the fuck? That could've killed me!"

"I need a Burp Soda!"

When they get flanked:

​​​"He's over there now!"

​"He's moving!"

"Nice try, smartass!"

"He's moving in on us!"

"Watch the side!"​​​​​​

'When' landing a bullet:

​​​"Kee​​​p at em', he's hurt!"

"Target wounded!"

"Ha! I gotcha!"

"Got em'!"

"I hit him!"

When being shot at:

​​​​​​"Shut him down!"

​"Need some help here!"

​​​​"Take him out!"

​​​"Come on, i'm buried here!"

"He's got me pinned!"

When another fixer is taken out:

"God damn it! We're taking hits!"

"Shit! We got wounded!"

"Back us up!"

"Need help! Wounded here!"

​​​​​"Help! We're hit!"

"Taking hits here!"

"Man down!"

"Crap, crap! I don't want to be next!"

​​"Need better cover!"



  • Unlike Aiden, Fixers can fire their weapons while driving. This makes them more dangerous in car chases if the player has no hacking abilities available.
  • Fixers share their dialogue with Pawnee Militia and Blume enemies.
  • Despite their choice of occupation, relatively few Fixers have Criminal Records. However, that could be because many have had their records erased or sealed, have legal immunity, or operate under aliases.