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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a law agency and faction in Watch Dogs 2.


The FBI is the United States' primary federal law enforcement agency and also the country’s domestic intelligence and security agency. They have their own division and office in San Francisco and are working with Blume. They are featured within the storyline as an opposing faction against DedSec.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

After DedSec starts gaining a lot of followers and doing various operations, the FBI start viewing them as a threat and begin spying on them. Thanks to Miranda Comay’s connections, DedSec discovers this and sends Marcus Holloway to investigate. He downloads data from the agency, however they discover this and start looking for him. Marcus manages to download the data and escape the FBI. Since the Bureau can tap into their communications, Wrench warns Marcus to not use their communications channel for the time being and instead talk in private. Marcus later goes to Dellums Towers, the FBI’s headquarters in Oakland, to place a transceiver on the building’s roof. Despite the agents discovering Marcus, he escapes.

The Bureau later captures Wrench while Marcus places another transceiver. Marcus discovers Wrench’s location and watches as he is lectured by FBI special agent Carlos Fuentes. Blume CTO Dušan Nemec later dismisses the agent and asks Wrench about Marcus and DedSec, though he refuses to talk. Dušan eventually lets him go but prevents Wrench from getting his mask back.

Their end goal in targeting not only DedSec, but all hacker groups, is to maintain control over as many zero days as possible without any competition. Of course, the FBI’s goals are also to enforce the federal laws of the United States of America and ensure peace and security in the country.

The FBI also appears in online side missions. One of them involves stopping two FBI Agents from revealing compromising info on DedSec. Another online side mission involves hacking the FBI Agents to get info on them. Other missions include stealing an experimental vehicle from the Bureau.


The behavior of the FBI is largely similar to the Police’s, only that they can’t summon helicopters, K-9s, Coast Guards and SWAT Teams due to their Heat Level being like a gang/Umeni's though they can arrest the players. However, when calling reinforcements, instead of summoning more agents, the FBI can contact the Police and pit them against the players, making them fight two factions at the same time. This is extremely difficult considering that now K-9s, helicopters, Coast Guards and SWAT teams may arrive depending on how high the player’s Heat Level is. This also means that the player will have to escape a Police Heat Level, which is much harder than a gang/Umeni/FBI Heat Level. Due to this, attacking the agency stealthily and preventing them from calling reinforcements is critical. Also, due to them being a law enforcement agency, agents cannot be framed for an arrest and the Police will ignore them if they attack Marcus and other civilians.

The FBI also drive more aggressively than the police. However, they cannot spawn roadblocks, like the police. Also similar to the police, if the FBI detect the player in a restricted area, they will attempt to arrest them. If the player moves, they will open fire.


The signature vehicles of the FBI are black TBT-7000s, used to bring reinforcements or chase criminals/players. It is also the experimental vehicle that must be stolen when playing some FBI online side missions.



When finding player or criminals

  • "Spread out, start a sweep."
  • "Spread out, and find him."
  • "Track him down!"
  • "Spread out and search."
  • "Start a sweep."
  • "He wont get away."
  • "Spread out, track him down."
  • "Spread out and find that S*****.
  • "I'll track him down."
  • "Keep moving, find him!"

When engaging criminals or players

  • "Give yourself up!"
  • "Take the shot, hacker!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "I need cover!"
  • "Here it comes!"
  • "I am a federal agent!"
  • "FBI!"
  • "Taking cover!"
  • "Hands in the air! FBI!"


  • In the first chapter of W4TCHED, instead of unmarked police vehicles, FBI agents drive civilian vehicles in disguise.
  • In W4TCHED, while downloading data about the spy, after the FBI starts looking for Marcus, they may arrest or kill civilians for no reason. This may imply that the agents are corrupt and will do anything to find out who is downloading the data, even murder.
    • Also in W4TCHED, while downloading data about the spy, the FBI agents looking for Marcus that are driving the TBT-7000s have a tendency to crash into or destroy things in the area where the van is initially parked.
  • In the Profiler, FBI agents’ jobs are listed as police officers, corporal, sergeant, and lieutenant, much like SFPD or OPD.
  • They are the second most dangerous faction in the entire game, as they have all seven enemy classes (Gunman, Armored Gunman, Marksman, Elite, Enforcer, Jammer and Grenadier) plus the help of guard dogs and Security Robot, can’t be framed, can summon the Police for help and the Police won’t attack them if they see the FBI attacking someone.
  • The standard apparel of FBI are palette swaps of Umeni-Zulu, taking the grey camo and red and changing into a blue similar to the SFPD color. They also tend to spawn without hats and glasses, and they are unique from both the SFPD and U-Z.
    • Rather than wearing police caps, the FBI agents wear standard caps.
  • Oddly, when FBI call for reinforcements, they call the 911 dispatcher rather than the Police operator.
  • Neutralizing any FBI agent will increase Police Heat level by 1 level, which makes sense as they are a federal government agency.
  • The FBI can only be found during missions, they do not spawn in free-roam.
  • Occasionally, during the mission (Un)Lawful (Dis)Order, the FBI agents can be seen making phone calls.
  • In the mission W4TCHED, FBI Enforcers can be found at the 16th Street Station texting each other about Wrench's Mask.