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Falling From Grace is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the final mission in the second Kelley chapter, "Down the Darkweb".


DedSec arrive at the Sandstone Residence to confront Mary Kelley and put a stop to her illegal operations. However, before confronting her, Bagley suggests they disable the microchips that were implanted into her slaves so that she cannot kill them all before they can confess to what she has done. The DedSec operative locates the hidden security room and uses a spiderbot to gain access and disable the microchips. On a computer in the security room, Mary Kelley can be seen being attacked by her slaves, but she uses the microchips to send them into a seizure until they no longer work, so she has to resort to stabbing a slave with a kitchen knife. She then hides in her office, only accessible via a lift which has been powered down.

In order to gain access to the lift, the operative must survive until Bagley has powered it up. However, after the lift has been powered up, Kaitlin Lau joins their channel and expresses her displeasure. She claims that they gathered what they needed to put Kelley away, and now DedSec is trying to kill her. She then says she is on her way to confront Mary Kelley with the DedSec operative. After using the elevator and reaching Kelley’s office, she can be seen brutally stabbing her slaves as they try to attack her. The operative points a gun at Mary Kelley and moments later Kaitlin Lau arrives, gun drawn as well. Kelley put her hands out to Lau so that she can be handcuffed, but she claims that she will be back to continue her crimes, and she exclaims to her slaves that she gave them a purpose when the city rejected them, and a slave attempts to hit her with a spade, but he is stopped by Lau. Kaitlin then motions to the slaves to attack Kelley, and she is viciously bludgeoned to death by them.

After the operative has left the scene, Kaitlin Lau says that with everything she has seen Mary Kelley do, she decided that she couldn’t let her live. Bagley then reminds them that although Mary Kelley is dead, there are still many members of Clan Kelley on the streets of London, and Lau says that if she hears of more Kelley operations, she will inform DedSec.


  • Confront Mary Kelley
  • Locate the Hidden Security Room
  • Disable the Microchip Control Mechanism
  • Power Up the Lift
  • Survive until the Lift Powers Up
  • Defeat Mary Kelley



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