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Espionage 101 is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and is the second mission in the SIRS chapter.


At the Safehouse, DedSec organises a team briefing, with Richard Malik on a video call. Bagley says that Malik’s information checks out – a group of rogue SIRS officers framed DedSec for the bombings in order to obtain power from the government. Malik believes that these people are Zero Day. He also says that two weeks ago Zero Day obtained 40 kilos of Semtex, which did not leave London - which Malik believes proves that they are planning another bombing. DedSec needs to get the profiles of the officers so they can figure out who their leader is.

At SIRS HQ, the operative accesses the security cameras via a CTOS hub and takes control of a spiderbot. After completing a network bypass, the DedSec operative gains access to FILAMENT, a supercomputer that processes data from CTOS, where they access the files of the SIRS officers.


  • Attend the Team Briefing
  • Hack into SIRS HQ
  • Access Personnel Files
  • Escape the Area

Data Drive

2 files can are unlocked during this mission, one a text file and the other a video file.

Malik's Stolen Intel

A text file unlocked after the team briefing.

USB.png Text
Malik's Stolen Intel

The attached intelligence comprises 3,278,987 individual documents which range in complexity from regrettably arcane to reasonably straightforward. A collection of 23 audio recordings allude to the existence of Zero-Day directly, as do another 31 emails, text messages and mission reports. All told, this spook story is anecdotally connected to 36 deaths, 12 disappearances and three foreign arrests. And, of course, you saw their attempt on my life firsthand.

Where things get really interesting is Appendix C - the collected metadata. You see, everyone has a shadow self in the plane of information. Your pub tabs, flight bookings, call records, professional communications, social media profile and so on all paint a picture of you that is more clear and honest about who you really are than you could ever be in the world. I had to steal enough classified intelligence to put me away for the rest of my life, but I have found the leader of Zero-Day's shadow self. I need your help connecting the ghost to the real person.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for any of this. An AI as sophisticated as yours can process all these data in a fraction of the time it took me, and I'm confident it will draw the same conclusions.

Finally, I'd like to direct your attention to the analysis section. The real work of foreign intelligence is the subtle art of king making. Our kings were everyone from tribal leaders to politicians, but our technique was always the same. First, we'd help our puppet king gather a coalition of supporters (i.e. muscle and finances). Then, we'd fabricate a crisis that it seemed only the puppet king takes the throne, and his subjects think it was their decision.

Everything I've collected here points to one thing. Zero-Day, whoever they are, are people who have gotten tired of making other people kings. Indeed, they seem to want the throne for themselves.

Happy reading,




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