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What the fuck? I was expecting a bunch of twitchy kids with cheap guns. These guys feel military.
―Jordi Chin referring to the Elites in Rossi-Fremont
Viceroys elite

A Black Viceroys Elite

Elites are a type of enemy featured in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


Elites wear military gear that make them look like soldiers: a helmet, bulletproof vest, gloves, and military pants with boots and knee-pads. The color of their shirt indicate the gang they belong to (Viceroys Elites wear orange shirts). On the Profiler, they are indicated by a red star, as seen on the picture.

Elites can be either Chicago South Club (casual clothes), Black Viceroys (makeshift uniform), Pawnee Militia (camouflaged uniform, no gloves), SWAT (green uniform), Blume (grey uniform) or Fixers members (black/blue uniform).


Elites fight with more caution than Gunmen and Veterans. They often take cover and use better weaponry, such as assault rifles. When they move, they often manage to stay out of Aiden's sight. They have good firepower that may be dangerous for the player, so having nearby cover when more than one shows up is very helpful. Elites are far more resistant, thanks to their body armor and military gear. Headshots will still one-hit kill them, though. Focus is a great method to kill them, as shooting them in the chest will waste much more bullets than a single shot to the head. A takedown can be easily performed against them, but one must be careful that the Elite or other enemies not see Aiden before he reaches his target.

Their armor does not protect them from explosions. They can be easily killed using grenade launchers, IEDs, grenades, hacking their explosives, or blowing up a nearby device.

Watch Dogs 2

Elites are beefed up in Watch Dogs 2, alongside their tougher counterparts, the Enforcers. They still take many body-shots to kill, but now can take two headshots to kill. Elites do not appear among the ranks of all factions, only the FBI, San Francisco Police Department, Umeni Security Corps, and the Sons of Ragnarok utilize them.


Elites become regular enemies after completing the first act. They first appear in Thanks for the Tip, where one is dispatched after Aiden. They become regular enemies in later missions. If the player has a police heat level of 5 (also 3 and 4 later in the game), SWAT teams will appear to chase the player. In each SWAT SUV, there will be three SWAT Elites who are assisted by a SWAT Enforcer.



  • Gunmen with military gear can be seen in Not a Job for Tyrone. They look like Elites, but have gray shirts and are weaker.
  • All Elites use military gear with the exception of the Club Elites, who only use a helmet and a bulletproof vest.
    • In Watch Dogs 2, Sons of Ragnarok elites also lack knee and elbow pads.
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