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Disrupt Enemy Comms is a Hacking Skill available in Watch Dogs.


The Disrupt Enemy Comms hack when close to a victim with the "Disrupt Enemy Comms" prompt in the Profiler, once Aiden disrupts the victim's communication the victim will enter in a state of severe pain caused by the loud white noise coming from their head piece. The victim will hold their ears and swear excessively begging for the noise to stop.


The disrupt comms ability can be used with a hack that requires 2 battery bars, though it can be extremely useful if the player needs to stop an enemy that is causing several problems or severe damage to Aiden. It will never work on the cops for some reason. If the player has a heat level of 3 (or more), the SWAT teams will appear more frequently than in earlier pursuits of the game. If the player hasn't unlocked the Destroyer or M107 sniper rifles, the player can die very fast (unless they have IED and Grenades in your weapon wheel.)


The disrupt comms only work when the player is near an enemy and if they have 2 battery bars available to it (do note that this only works for Enforcers and other few enemies). This ability, mixed with the focus ability, will provide the player an opportunity to escape or kill the enemy before they can recover from the noise. This can be used for various advantages, like taking down the Enforcer (Once the Enforcer Take Down Skill has been already unlocked), and to use explosives to approach the opportunity.