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This anti-material monster only holds two rounds, but those rounds can penetrate nearly anything and leave any vehicle they hit in ruins. 
―In-game Description

The Destroyer is a sniper rifle that appears in Watch Dogs. It is a variant of the M107.


This high-end anti-material rifle is inspired by the Barrett M107CQ, complete with a vented handguard, Mark IV scope, retractable bi-pod, muzzle brake, and extended stock to ensure extreme precision over long ranges whilst maintaining high damage. It also includes an urban camouflage paint job.


The magazine for this weapon only holds two .50 BMG cartridges each, but deals substantially more damage to vehicles than the standard M107, taking only one shot anywhere on any vehicle to disable it. The Destroyer also makes killing Enforcers much easier, because it can take them down in one shot in the head or two shots on the body. Because of this, the Destroyer is an ideal weapon if the player desires to take Enforcers out without use of explosions or without the "Enforcer Takedown" skill.

The defining characteristic of the Destroyer is its unparalleled ability to shoot through cover. Enemies can be killed with a headshot through nearly a foot of concrete.

It is incredibly useful during chases, as it can be used to disable any target (or pursuer). It is also very useful for deterring helicopters, as shooting a Police Helicopter with this weapon will make it retreat, useful for losing police helicopters during chases.



  • M107 (Standard)
  • Destroyer (Urban Camo)


  • It is one out of twelve 5-star weapons available in Watch Dogs.
  • The Chicago Police Department officers use this weapon in the Spider Tank Digital trip.
  • The YourBoySerge in Watch Dogs 2 is similar to the Destroyer, but only holds one bullet per magazine.
  • It is possible to disable a vehicle and kill two passengers with one shot of this weapon.


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