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An Ambulance with an exclusive paint job.

What a terrible containment job! The toxic cloud may disperse crowds.
―In-game description.

The Landrock Motors Danger Mobile is a unique vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Danger Mobile is a special variant of the Ambulance which was converted into some kind of Hazmat (hazardous materials) vehicle. The vehicle sports a bright yellow color with red/white patterns on the sides, complete with "HAZARDOUS TRANSPORT" written on the hood and sides, warning signs and a green toxic gas coming from the rear (obviously a cosmetic addition and not harmful to the player).


The Danger Mobile's high mass and good torque makes it an ideal choice for clearing paths through stationary vehicles. Being as resistant as the Fire Truck, it can survive several explosives, although it is relatively light compared to other heavy vehicles, making it less practical for the purposes of ramming other road users out of the way.



Watch Dogs 2

  • Can be found at the Yerba Buena Island, hidden between two buildings. This location can be easily distinguished in the Nudle Maps by searching for an H-shaped building.

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