Pawnee Dam

The Dam is one of the City Hotspot locations found in Pawnee and is a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs.


The Pawnee Dam was built in 1936 in an effort to push back the Pawnee River and facilitate development in this outskirt of Chicago. The dam was a success until the Illinois drought of 1981 caused the Pawnee River to dry up. Now the dam stands there, not really serving a purpose besides being a historical monument. Tours are available on select dates, so if you're into hydroelectrical engineering, you will have a ball.


The dam is of sizable proportions in its appearance. In addition to controlling flow and raise of water in the Chicago River, the dam also has a power station which generates conventional hydroelectricity. The energy generated is subsequently used to help serve the Chicago population through the electricity grid.

The dam is located in an area with a good amount of vegetation. Below it is a subsequent rock barrier, most likely there to protect the wildlife from being directly affected by the power station.

A warehouse with a fishing boat can be found north of the dam's lake, with a tunnel leading to the Junkyard.


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Dam It!
Dam It! It ain't just beavers who can build impressive dams; check out this beauty. Check in at the Dam.