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Dalton Wolfe is a character and the first playable operative in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Not much is known about Dalton Wolfe's background, other than that he was once an agent with MI5, and was in major debt. He eventually became a member of a DedSec cell operating in London. During the events of Operation Westminster, Dalton was assigned to defuse the bombs underneath the House of Parliament. He infiltrated the Parliament via the sewers and took out several men in black, and with the help of Sabine Brandt and Bagley, was able to defuse the bombs. However, after learning of more bombs located around the city, which were being controlled via a satellite on the roof, Dalton reaches the roof and attempts to defuse the remaining bombs, but is countered by Zero Day, and is shot dead by a drone as the bombs detonate around London, killing thousands.


Dalton Wolfe is a middle-aged Caucasian man with combed, light brown hair and light facial hair. He wears a hi-tech earpiece in his right ear, and sports a dark blue pinstriped suit, with a white undershirt and red tie. He wears dark blue pinstriped pants which match his suit, and black dress-up shoes.



  • Dalton Wolfe is the only playable Watch Dogs character to die after one mission.
  • Dalton Wolfe shares his surname with Mick Wolfe, the protagonist of the 2014 novel Watch Dogs //n/Dark Clouds.
  • Dalton also has randomly generated relatives and/or associates, who can be found and recruited into DedSec.[1] They will generally start with a dislike of DedSec, having the recent event "Their [Brother/Husband/Uncle/Customer/etc.] died fighting in the resistance with DedSec," requiring the Deep Profiler Upgrade to unlock them.
  • His first name, Dalton, could be a reference to Timothy Dalton, the fourth actor to play James Bond. In fact, Wolfe shares multiple similarities with James Bond.
  • Due to a rare save glitch that would occur when starting a new game, some players were able to still play as him after his death. It is presumed he was going to survive the events of Operation Westminster at some point, or that his voice actor, Warren Brown, was originally planned to be one of voices for some of London's randomly generated civilians as he has an entire array of unused unique voice lines, for recruitment and story missions, which are voiced by a text-to-speech AI due to missing sound files.
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