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Assault Rifle with a custom stock, set to fire quick 3-shot bursts. Equipped with smart bullets, allowing an auto hack after target is killed. 
―In-game Description.

The DOT_FILE Rifle is a weapon in Watch Dogs 2.


The DOT_FILE rifle is a burst fire assault rifle with an additional ability to auto-hack a target upon their elimination, gaining the player either money or botnet resources. While it has average stats, it has good damage, but its stability is slightly decreased.


  • Burst Fire Trigger: Fires in 3-round bursts.
  • Auto-Hack Bullets: Automatically hacks any target killed with this gun.


  • The large profile and the 3-round burst firing mode are rather similar to those of the 417 from Watch Dogs, only that the DOT_FILE Rifle was enhanced with smart bullets.


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