The D50 is a gas-powered semi-automatic pistol commonly seen in film and television. This is a long range pistol for the skilled marksman.
―In-game Description

The D50 is a pistol that appears in Watch Dogs.


The D50 essentially takes the form of a Mark VII Desert Eagle.

The D50 is chambered for .50 AE cartridges, which result in very high damage per round. The rate of fire is good, making the gun one of the best handguns available but it only holds 8 bullets in 1 magazine. To make up for the low ammunition in a single magazine, the D50 delivers high power in each shot fired. The D50 is ideal for firing at the legs of enemies, taking them out in one shot.




D50 firing one bullet:

D50 Single Fire

D50 firing entire clip:

D50 Full Clip

D50 reloading:

D50 Reload


  • The D50 also appears in Far Cry 3, another Ubisoft title.
  • As with Far Cry 3, this weapon holds an incorrect 8 rounds in the magazine. The real-life .50 caliber Desert Eagle has a magazine capacity of 7 (although 1 round can be carried in the chamber). Only the .44 magnum version of the Desert Eagle has an 8-round capacity.
  • This weapon appears in two Digital Trips: Conspiracy! and Alone (as the EMP Gun).


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