Slot Close-quarter
Weapon Type Semi-Auto Shotgun
Weapon Rating Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage High
Fire Rate High
Range Low
Stability Medium
Reload Speed Fast
Ammo Capacity 2|120
Price $500 (Gun Stores)
Free (Audio Logs reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The D12 is a small concealable shotgun. Powerful, but inaccurate over long distances, this weapon is effective in short range encounters.
―In-game Description

The D12 is a shotgun that appears in Watch Dogs.


Judging by the compact size of the gun, it is based on the Serbu Super-Shorty. It features a silver aluminium alloy body, with a small folding stock. Due to its small size, Aiden will hold and aim this weapon as if it were a pistol.


Like many other shotguns, the D12 employs 12-gauge shells, dealing heavy damage to living targets. However, due to the compact size of the D12, it may take more than 2 shells at mid to close range to kill armored targets.



  • At $500, it is the cheapest shotgun in the game.


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