Nudle's cutting edge biometrically secured car. Your key is you. 
―In-game description.

The Nudle CyruX is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2 featured as part of the Human Conditions DLC.


The CyruX is depicted as a smart car with a unique, sleek design. The CyruX appears to take main inspirations from the Audi A9 Concept, having a similar front end and general profile.

The CyruX is distinctive in having a "one-way" glass windshield, meaning the car's interior cannot be seen from outside (as it is white, like the bodywork), but from the interior, the occupants can see their surroundings. The car also sports unique wheels with black rims and a purple glow on the grille, and rim spokes when the engine is on. It is also stated to be a smart self-driving car, featuring a biometric security system, which can analyze the individual and only opens when it recognizes the owner.

According to the mission Automata, the CyruX is believed to utilize a decision making algorithm, AKA "Lifescores", to determine whose lives to protect in the event of an accident. The CyruX is also believed to have an onboard computer which has direct access to Blumes databases. The Lifescores are determined by the following Blume metrics: employment, income, education, race and gender. The CyruX is also believed to be a self-driving vehicle, using voice commands to operate the vehicle.


Being a performance vehicle, the CyruX has excellent top speed, acceleration and traction, but suffers from low durability. The handling is rather average, but still has good steering angle, allowing to take corners with little to no trouble. Because of the low ground clearance, it is not the best at sorting out obstacles and bumpy roads.


  • The CyruX is only available in the Car On Demand app for those who own the DLC and have completed the mission Automata.



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