The Landrock Motors Cube Truck is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Cube Truck is a box van variant of the Landrock Van 2500, sharing the cab of the vehicle, fitting a wide rear axle with twin wheels and a large box on the rear for storage, fitted with large doors. The Cube Truck is more spartan and utility-oriented compared to the Landrock Van 2500. It has negatively cambered front wheels, has a higher ride height, mudflaps, and uses a higher-profile set of tires.

Grey plastic replaces most chrome trim, and the lower portion of its headlamp clusters' DRL strips are omitted. Its grille is removed, and is replaced by a plastic fake. Wing mirrors are omitted and replaced in similar treatment with larger ones placed on plastic stalks. Raised plastic bumps are located on the bumper, presumably for scratch protection or as a rudimentary park assist. The Cube Truck possesses the same rear doors as the Boxvan.


The van's high mass and good torque makes it an ideal choice for clearing paths through stationary vehicles. It performs roughly similarity to the Ambulance, with a high-revving engine that compensates for its weight. The vehicle features a transversely laid 4 cylinder engine powering the rear axle through a 6 speed gearbox, which gives the vehicle moderately higher power than the 2500, which combined with its relatively significant mass means the vehicle is a threat to other vehicles. While the front of the vehicle remains as susceptible to damage as the regular Landrock Van 2500, sharing the same cab design, the rear is particularly immune to damage from both weaponry and ramming force, protecting the driver. The van's design and tall build does allow the vehicle to maneuver and potentially lose control at high speed, however.

When hacked in a direction, the van typically causes significant damage to parked vehicles, usually causing them to burst into flames, like other vehicles.

Watch Dogs 2

General Aspects
Top Speed Acceleration Durability Handling
Star.png Star.png Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star half.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png
Technical Aspects
Acceleration Engine Drivetrain Gears
N/A Transverse twin-cam inline-4 (In-game model) Front engine, rear wheel drive 6


  • One of the Driver SF missions, "Fragile Cargo" features a unique white Cube Truck with "FRAGILE" markings and red warning patterns on it. According to the woman seen in the mission, it contained an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.
  • Another is a Tidis variant which is only parked in the Tidis HQ, and never found driving around San Francisco


  • Tends to spawn across San Francisco and Oakland, however it is relatively common in urban areas.
  • Commonly parked in parking lots, particularly near city and infrastructure.
  • Almost always appears on Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Commonly parked around the main police headquarters towards the slip-off raised platform leading off Bay Bridge.
  • Parked in and around the docks area of Oakland.
  • These can spawn more frequently on highways, just like any other truck.



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