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CtOS 2.

The Central Operation System 2.0, better known as the CTOS 2.0, is the electronic mechanism used to manage the San Francisco city-wide infrastructure in Watch Dogs 2. It was developed as a response to the flaws and shutting down of the Chicago CTOS by Aiden Pearce during the events of Watch Dogs, and has also been implemented in various cities across the United States of America.


In the end credits for Watch Dogs, it was revealed that Blume was working on a successor to CTOS, called CTOS 2.0, and this new software was to be installed in many cities in the country and around the world. In Watch Dogs 2, the CTOS 2.0 is seen, being installed in San Francisco, California. The system is being attacked by DedSec, as well as other corporations in the name of control and profit.


CTOS 2.0 has been upgraded with more exploits compared to the original CTOS. New abilities include:

  • Causing cell phones to ring for no reason to distract one or many NPCs.
  • Causing NPCs' cell phones to overheat.
  • Remotely controlling one or many vehicles in the player's favor.
    • A "mass vehicle hack" is also an option, which remotely controls all vehicles in the area.
  • Allowing the player to upload fake evidence about NPCs, so the police arrive and attempt to arrest them, either arresting or killing the NPC, or just providing the player with a great distraction.
    • Alternatively, a "gang hit" option is available, in which they can upload evidence that the NPC is a traitor to a gang, effectively having nearby gang members hunt them down.
  • When pressing L1 on PS4 / LB on Xbox One / middle mouse button on PC, the profiler is presented with four different hacking options, if unlocked.
  • In addition to abilities that hackers can exploit, CTOS 2.0 also has defensive capabilities that can be activated by authorized personnel; for example, Umeni security personnel can initiate a temporary emergency shutdown and activate a firewall if they suspect malicious hackers to be attacking their network. Police can also shut down CTOS. When an enemy shuts down CTOS, everything that is controlled or affected by CTOS becomes unhackable.
  • Ability to blow up steam pipes in the street or shoot fire (and create a much smaller explosion) with gas pipes on the side of buildings.
  • Ability to make Junction Boxes and other electrical units zap anyone nearby for a few minutes, similar to the effects of the 2EZ Stun Gun.
  • Access to Haum security systems as seen in various properties.
  • Access to Security Robots.