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Crystal Springs Dam is a gravity dam in San Mateo. It was one of the first gravity dams built in the US, in 1888. It's survived both major earthquakes to hit the Bay Area since that time.
―In-game description.

Crystal Springs Dam is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Crystal Springs Dam is located to the very southwest of the map. It is left of Rhonda's Restaurant and below New Dawn Temple.


Crystal Springs Dam is a freshwater lake on the south west side of the map, it runs for a significant length of the freeway that stretches from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, part of which leads over the top of the dam itself. The dam is at present blocked, from running freely through the river and drain system that leads into Palo Alto. The base and wall of the dam is instead filled with scaffolding, materials, a crane and a small warehouse. The north end of the lake features a small shack under control of the Sons of Ragnarok. The south end is used to access the boat shed behind Rhonda's Restaurant.


  • 1 Key Data; Electro Shock Optimization, found in the construction sites restricted area, at the base of the dam.
  • 1 Money Bag, found at the north end of the lake, in a restricted area.


  • This location is based off the real life Crystal Springs Dam
  • The renovation shown in game are part of an actual renovation currently underway on the dam.
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