Criminal Convoys are a type of side mission in Watch Dogs.


Criminal Convoys require the player to take down a vehicle that is moving on a set path. This vehicle could be any type in the game and is usually surrounded by an escort. Some Criminal Convoy missions require Aiden to knock down a target with his baton, while others allow him to outright kill the target (although taking down the target non-lethally will still result in a success).



  • Although it is technically a non-lethal move, neutralizing a non-lethal target by shooting them in the leg still counts as killing the suspect, and will result in mission failure.
  • Using a CTOS ability such as bursting a steam pipe or using the Destroyer on one of the target cars will cause the whole convoy to come to a halt, making it easier to knock down the target.
  • If the player crashes a convoy car or blows a steam pipe on the street, the enemies will detect and pursue them, and the target (if his car wasn't destroyed or he wasn't killed) will run.
  • Using Aiden's skill, the player should buy a grenade launcher, shoot the target's car, and change weapons. Upon doing this, the enemies will leave their cars and protect themselves, which will make it easier.
  • Another trick to use if the player has IEDs or Proximity IEDs unlocked is to create a traffic jam and move some cars out of the way, to make a bit of a base for the fight that's next. Then, drop IEDs or Proximities in the middle of the street and detonate them when the cars run over them, so the amount of enemies dealt with is decreased.
  • Civilians may call the police if they hear multiple gunshots, so care must be taken if police respond and engage in shootout with the criminals and the player.
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