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The Crime Prediction System is a CTOS feature in Watch Dogs. It is part of a beta system intended for use by the Chicago Police Department.


The system uses facial and pattern recognition to spot potential criminals or victims. The system works with the Profiler, when Aiden has gained access to the CTOS services and information for a district. The system will also give suggested actions for the player, to help them deal with criminals and/or victims. It has a percentage bar that increases as the possibility of a crime is increased, it has the colors yellow and red to represent the attention that should be given to the criminal or victim. The percentage bar only spawns on citizens who are about to have an immediate role in a crime.

The system will also notify a user of where a potential crime may take place, based on a text message conversation. If accepted, a waypoint will be placed on the map, for Aiden to intervene if he chooses to do so.

Around the start of the game, the player is introduced to the system after hacking a pedestrian's phone, and reading a text message. The system detects a possible victim which Aiden Pearce stalks into an alley. The victim was being strangled by her ex-boyfriend when Aiden intervened and saved the victim.

If Aiden decides to stop a criminal (given the criminal isn't killed before the crime takes place), the criminal may decide to shoot at Aiden, run for his life, call for help, steal a car, or a combination of any number of these. If any shots are fired by either Aiden or the criminal in an area populated with civilians, it is very likely that at least one civilian will call 911 and the police will target both of them. The method that Aiden uses to handle the criminal, be it murder or otherwise, affects Aiden's reputation, where less violent methods are more highly favored in the eyes of the public.


  • Chicago South Club
  • Black Viceroys
  • Mentally unstable
  • Drug users
  • Muggers
  • Store Robbers



  • There is unique background music that plays when Aiden is near a crime.
  • This feature does not return in Watch Dogs 2.
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