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The Crime Prediction System is a CTOS feature in Watch Dogs. It is a system used to detect potential crimes that may occur around Chicago, and was intended for use by the Chicago Police Department.


The system uses facial and pattern recognition to spot potential criminals or victims. When the system spots such criminals or victims, Aiden will be informed of where the crime may take place. Aiden may also find the location of potential crimes through hacking civilians' text conversations. He may choose to investigate or not.

At the scene of the potential crime, Aiden has to profile either the potential criminal or victim. The criminal or victim will evidently show a yellow percentage meter that shows the likelihood of either the former committing a crime or the latter falling victim to a crime. Aiden can only intervene when the percentage meter turns red and hovers at 95% for either parties, as the crime is about to take place. Being noticed by the criminal before the percentage meter turns red will deter the criminal from carrying out the crime.

If Aiden does not immediately take down the criminal, the criminal will begin to run away from Aiden, vaulting over objects and even shooting back at him. Taking down the criminal through the means of less violent methods will positively affect Aiden's reputation, while more violent methods such as hitting the criminal with a vehicle or shooting them may negatively affect Aiden's reputation.


  • Chicago South Club
  • Black Viceroys
  • Mentally unstable
  • Drug users
  • Muggers
  • Store Robbers



  • There is unique background music that plays when Aiden is near a crime.
  • This feature does not return in Watch Dogs 2.
    • However, similar crimes may still take place, albeit out of the blue. Such include a civilian stealing a car, murdering someone, or robbing another person.
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