Mission Act II , Mission 4
Target Jack Finely
Conditions of mission failure T-Bone dies
T-Bone gets spotted
Previous Bad Medicine
Next Ghosts

Connections is the 7th mission of the DLC Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.


After taking the name from Alex Javorski, T-Bone tracks Jack Finely's phone and finds that he's at The Unicorn & Dragon Pub. When T-Bone finds Jack Finely's car, Jack Finely comes from T-Bone's back and injects him a horse tranquilizer. Then Jack takes another car and goes but T-Bone manages to tail him. When T-Bone tailing, Jack starts to talk on the phone. When T-Bone eavesdrop to the call, he hears thigs about him and Defalt. When Jack stops, they come to where the Lake Shore Tower is. Then T-Bone kills all the fixers.

Then, T-Bone calls Defalt and makes fun of him, afterwards T-Bone starts to upload a virus to the computer. As uploads, Defalt sends fixers to T-Bone, but T-Bone kills them all and successfully uploads the virus. Then Defalt sends a thread to a TV there and says him he swears to T-Bone and closes the TV, but T-Bone sees the Old Umeni Building in the background and thinks Defalt is there. Then mission ends.


  • Tail Jack Finely.
  • Reach the server.
  • Upload the virus to the laptop.
  • Reach the server.
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