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For the standard city bus variant, see City Bus.

The Landrock Motors Coach is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Coach takes design influence from the X1TET Volvo B12B, having a relatively short wheelbase, twin-axle design, and high capacity. The front right features a sliding door which opens on a hinge towards the rear. The vehicle has tinted side and rear windows. Coach buses can be seen plain or with Nudle livery on them. The Nudle Coach buses are operated by Nudle, and are used to cater to their employees (most notably seen in the mission Limp Nudle.)


It is heavy but powerful, and slightly more nimble than the city bus. The vehicle's heavy weight and diesel engine gives it an advantage over other vehicles on the road, meaning it can plough through traffic with little effort, even more so than the regular city bus. Despite this, the large windows make the player vulnerable to firepower from police. The vehicle's long body has to line up exactly to make a full turn without causing it swerve or ram into other vehicles.


The Coach bus, along with the City Bus and Bogen Bus, is a key component in the obtaining of the "Something to Ride" trophy/achievement. To earn this reward, simply hijack a bus.


General Aspects
Top Speed Acceleration Durability Handling
Star.png Star.png Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png
Technical Aspects
Acceleration Engine Drivetrain Gears
N/A N/A Rear engine, rear wheel drive 6


  • Commonly appears on the Golden Gate Bridge. Typically spawns with or without the Nudle livery
  • They can spawn all around the map, but more frequently on highways, just like trucks.
  • The vehicle comes in 6 colors (white, black, red, silver, gold or blue)
  • The Nudle variant is most commonly seen parked at Nudle Headquarters or driving around Silicon Valley. The normal variant is usually seen around the city, especially near the Transbay Center and the Bay Bridge.
  • They are also seen parked in a "Bus Depot" under the highway that leads to the Bay Bridge.



  • The Coach's engine sound is very similar to the trucks and buses in Driver: San Francisco, similar to the City Bus.
  • The coach is the largest and longest vehicle in the game. In terms of height, the Boxvan, Media Broadcast Truck and Concrete Mixer are slightly taller.
  • Unlike the in-game variant, which has four wheels, most coaches in real life have six wheels, with the third axle being called a tag axle. The tag axle allows coaches to have more grip on the road and create tighter turns. In-game, turning can be difficult without a tag axle.
  • The Coach is the only heavy vehicle that is not manufactured by MatarHorn Trucks.


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