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She's a fucking monster. Taking her out needs to be a DedSec priority. 
Sabine Brandt

Clan Kelley's New Export is the sixth story mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the second mission in the Kelley Chapter "Body Snatchers".


After learning that kidnapped operative Ángel López was taken by Clan Kelley to Southwark Incinerator, the player goes there to search for clues.

After downloading surveillance data, Bagley informs the player that Ángel was taken to the cellar, and tells the player to head down there. Because the basement door appears to be locked, the player is forced to go down the trash chute instead.

After falling down the trash chute, the player finds themselves surrounded by partially naked corpses. Looking over the table, they immediately notice Inspector Kaitlin Lau on one of the medical beds, just about to be operated on by a surgeon. Making a short distraction, Inspector Lau is able to grab a nearby medical tool on a tray near her. After the surgeon investigates the distraction and returns to Lau, Inspector Lau then strikes at the surgeon, stabbing him in the neck and subsequently slapping him in the face with the same medical tray. After taking a few breaths from knocking the surgeon out, Inspector Lau asks for the player to come out and reveal themselves.

The player then talks to Inspector Lau. Inspector Lau tells the player that Clan Kelley had been running an organ trafficking operation for months now, and that in the process of investigating, she was eventually captured and had all of her files and evidence taken away. After being reassured by the player that they will retrieve the files back for her, she waits in the operating room as the player goes to take back Lau's files.

In the next room, the player comes across three corpses on three separate medical beds. Upon analysing each corpse, two of them yield no results in Bagley's databases, while one of them turns out to be Ángel López all along. After realising that Ángel is now indeed dead, the player goes to the next room to retrieve Inspector Lau's files. After having done so, the player escapes Southwark Incinerator.

After leaving the incinerator, the player is contacted by Inspector Lau. She thanks the player for saving her, and they both agree to join forces to take down Mary Kelley. Shortly afterwards, the player returns to the Safehouse for a team briefing.


  • Search for Ángel at Southwark Incinerator
  • Download the Surveillance Data
  • Investigate the Basement
  • Talk to the Victim
  • Search for Ángel López
  • Photograph the Corpses
  • Acquire Kaitlin's Evidence
  • Leave Southwark Incinerator

Data Drive

A text file is obtained when retrieving Kailin Lau's files.

Inspector Lau's File

USB.png Text
Inspector Lau's File


Head of Clan Kelley since death of Peter Kelley (stabbed in jail). Related to Johnny Kelley. Heavily invested in ETO.
- Transactions untraceable with crypto! Clever bitch.

Known Location: Currently lives in Sandstone Residence (high security)
- Note: Managed to bug the security system. Need to check it out.

Real estate (owned): Sandstone and Old Canal Warehouse (what for?).
- Owns more but couldn't check with Braden & Clery (Kelley's Law Firm - need warrant).

Suspicions: Kelley Staff has been disappearing for the past few months: Sasha Hadad, 28. Radek Stopkewich, 24. Darla Covington, 19.

Were allegedly sent to EPC. Followed trail: EPC doesn't have their records. Found more traces of people disappearing. Is Kelley taking people from EPC? What for?
Albion isn't acting. They seem to be aware of what's going on.
Need to get in touch with M. He'll have something.
- Update: M is dead. Found OD'd in his apartment. They know. I need to go deeper. they might be coming for me.



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