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Clan Kelley is an enemy faction in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Resistance Report

"London's organized crime clans (known as "firms") are typically family-run operations rising up in tough, impoverished working-class neighborhoods. Clan Kelley, a storied East End firm with roots in northern Ireland, took advantage of the post-Brexit chaos to move aggressively into cryptocurrency markets and leverage that into control of the city's rapidly growing underground economy-from old standbys like prostitution, drugs, and weapons into the staples of life: commodities like food and water, furniture and electronics, and anything else you'd find on Amazon or Craigslist. But Clan Kelley's biggest (and most insidious) "services" innovation has come in the area of human trafficking."


Clan Kelley used to be on the lower end of the criminal underworld due to London's being controlled by five criminal gangs, them included. Following the bombings for which DedSec was blamed, and the resulting influx of interest from Albion, the four other crime families were eventually eradicated, and so gang leader Mary Kelley evolved her operation into London's major crime syndicate.


The criminal organization is notorious for being involved in illicit businesses of human trafficking, drug manufacturing, loan sharking, and even murdering London citizens.

Pursuit Level

While Kelley members typically won't stray beyond the limits of their various holdings around London, when an intrusion is inevitably discovered or they learn of interference in their operations, then hit squads are dispatched from other strongholds set to bring down heavy fire on their targets.


Although members typically rely on hit-and-run and/or drive-by shootings when they want to commit public murders, when it comes time to chase down their targets, Kelley members usually try ramming the offender's vehicle to knock them off the road before ganging up on the disabled driver to kill them.


Upon acquiring the ability to recruit members of Clan Kelley into DedSec, usually via acquiring the Deep Profiler upgrade since practically the whole of the organization is unfavorable to the hacktivist group, these turncoat members are able to use their gang colors to freely walk into Kelley-controlled areas, although they must still be careful as the other gang members will be suspect of unusual and suspicious behavior from them.


Similar to Albion, the hierarchal structure of Clan Kelley has few distinctions, with the typical occupancy of a gang stronghold consisting of lower-tier members. These gangsters typically only wield handguns, but sometimes will lob grenades in the direction of enemies behind cover. Every stronghold will host at least one Captain, recognizable by the balaclava adorning their head and the white jacket they wear, capable of summoning reinforcements if an intrusion is detected.

Once it becomes clear that DedSec is beginning to pry into Mary Kelley's business following the Bloody Mary Kelley mission, the Clan rolls out its Elite Enforcers, wielding high-powered weapons and advanced gadgets such as seeker drones and Combat Spiderbots.


Known Members


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