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Clan Kelley is an enemy faction in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Resistance Report

"London's organized crime clans (known as "firms") are typically family-run operations rising up in tough, impoverished working-class neighborhoods. Clan Kelley, a storied East End firm with roots in northern Ireland, took advantage of the post-Brexit chaos to move aggressively into cryptocurrency markets and leverage that into control of the city's rapidly growing underground economy-from old standbys like prostitution, drugs, and weapons into the staples of life: commodities like food and water, furniture and electronics, and anything else you'd find on Amazon or Craigslist. But Clan Kelley's biggest (and most insidious) "services" innovation has come in the area of human trafficking."


Clan Kelley used to be on the lower end of the criminal underworld due to London's being controlled by five criminal gangs, them included. Following the bombings for which DedSec was blamed, and the resulting influx of interest from Albion, the four other crime families were eventually eradicated, and so gang leader Mary Kelley evolved her operation into London's major crime syndicate.


The criminal organization is notorious for being involved in illicit businesses of human trafficking, drug manufacturing, loan sharking, organ harvesting, slavery, and even murdering London citizens.

Pursuit Level

While Kelley members typically won't stray beyond the limits of their various holdings around London, when an intrusion is inevitably discovered or they learn of interference in their operations, then hit squads are dispatched from other strongholds set to bring down heavy fire on their targets.


Although members typically rely on hit-and-run and/or drive-by shootings when they want to commit public murders, when it comes time to chase down their targets, Kelley members usually try ramming the offender's vehicle to knock them off the road before ganging up on the disabled driver to kill them.


Upon acquiring the ability to recruit members of Clan Kelley into DedSec, usually via acquiring the Deep Profiler upgrade since practically the whole of the organization is unfavorable to the hacktivist group, these turncoat members are able to use their gang colors to freely walk into Kelley-controlled areas, although they must still be careful as the other gang members will be suspect of unusual and suspicious behavior from them.


Similar to Albion, the hierarchal structure of Clan Kelley has few distinctions, with the typical occupancy of a gang stronghold consisting of lower-tier members. These gangsters typically only wield handguns, but sometimes will lob grenades in the direction of enemies behind cover. Every stronghold will host at least one Captain, recognizable by the balaclava adorning their head and the white jacket they wear, capable of summoning reinforcements during a shootout. They will attack the player with melee if they spot them unarmed, in which they will start opening fire if they see them with a weapon equipped.

Once it becomes clear that DedSec is beginning to pry into Mary Kelley's business following the Bloody Mary Kelley mission, the Clan rolls out its Elite Enforcers, wielding high-powered weapons and advanced gadgets such as seeker spiders and Combat Spiderbots.

  • Clan Kelley Member/Associate: These low-level goons, distinguished by their street clothing with Clan Kelley branding, can be found around suburban areas of London. They range from various occupations, such as a Smuggler, Con Artist, Black Market Vendor, Scammer, Weapons Dealer, or Amateur Hitman. They are usually seen in groups socializing. Usually, a member can be seen protecting Clan Kelley territory, harassing any bypasser they come across. They will either tell them that they are trespassing their turf, stating that "All you're gonna find here is trouble" after the victim tells them they don't want trouble, punch them if they try to ignore them, or hold them at gunpoint if the victim tells them to leave them alone. Some are seen committing a felony against a civilian, either by beating them up with a crowbar, or executing them by stabbing them with a knife, or shooting them with a gun. If they are provoked, they may pull out a firearm and aim at the player until they walk away from them. But if they are provoked further or if the player does not walk away, they will shoot at the player once and flee from them. They can also be seen in restricted areas, behaving similarly to Albion Security members. They will fight the player with hand to hand combat, but will flee if they spot them with a gun equipped, alerting the nearest Kelley enforcer.
  • Standard Clan Kelley Enforcer: These low ranking Clan Kelley enforcers wear red sunglasses, a gray suit with a red shirt, and a P9 pistol. They wield lead pipes for melee combat.
  • Clan Kelley Rusher: These members can easily be distinguished by their blue balaclava and jacket. They wield the M590 shotgun, a heavy wrench, and are immune to gas. They behave similarly to Albion rushers, moving toward the player's position. They are one of the first responders if a Captain has called reinforcements.
  • Clan Kelley Overwatch: These enforcers wear a yellow shirt with a brown vest and red tie, including sunglasses and a cap. They use NEGEV LMGs and a crowbar for melee.
  • Clan Kelley Grenadier: They wear a red cap and armor with a plaid neck gaiter. They wield REX 357 revolvers and APGL grenade launchers. During combat, they drop grenades. Like their Albion counterparts, they drop an explosive upon death.
  • Clan Kelley Captain: These members don a black balaclava with a white jacket, red pants, and black heels. They use AK-47 assault rifles and studded truncheons in their inventory. They also have the ability to call reinforcements.
  • Elite Clan Kelley Enforcer: These are mid-ranking members of Clan Kelley, identified by their red combat vests, sunglasses, and Clan Kelley caps. They now carry MP5 SMGs.
  • Elite Clan Kelley Rusher: More armored than their previous counterpart, these goons wear blue motorcycle helmets and stronger body armor. They use the same M590 shotguns, but they use a studded truncheon.
  • Elite Clan Kelley Overwatch: These thugs are easily distinguished by their red balaclava, beige coat, and red suit. Not only do they wield crowbars and NEGEV machine guns, but they have Elite Turret spiders which remain stationary firing at the player, and detonating when destroyed.
  • Elite Clan Kelley Grenadier: These high class Kelley members have a gas mask with heavier red armor. They now use Elite Seeker Spiders, which crawl toward the player, detonating when close enough.
  • Elite Clan Kelley Captain: The strongest of all Clan Kelley members, they wear heavier armor with a mask that has the Clan Kelley symbol painted over it. They have the same equipment used by the standard Captain.


  • The Sandstone Residence (center of operations)
  • Camden Market
  • Southwark Incinerator

Known Members

  • Johnny Kelley
  • Peter Kelley (former leader)
  • Mary Kelley (former leader)
  • Peter
  • Abby Tran
  • Erid Grimwood



  • Despite wearing Clan Kelley clothing, standard Clan Kelley members do not have Uniformed access.
    • NPCs, including other Clan Kelley members will treat them like a normal operative.
    • Some Kelley enforcers who unequip their Kelley uniform depending on their class wear these types of clothing.
  • Much like playing as Albion contractors, civilians will mock and be disgusted at the sight of seeing a Clan Kelley member. Additionally, Kelley members will greet them, sometimes complimenting their outfit.
  • Clan Kelley members will increase their support for DedSec if they stand by them whilst they commit a crime.
  • Lower-ranked associate Kelley members can be scanned, searched, beaten or arrested by Albion members, especially by the Albion Overwatch.
    • Most of the victims they attack or kill are male. Female NPCs can be seen incapacitating Kelley members.
  • Similar to Albion contractors, some members fight unarmed.
  • Some Clan Kelley members wield weapons players cannot use.
    • Both rushers use wooden baseball bats.
    • Both Kelley enforcers use one handed SMGs which resemble the MP-9MM.
  • Members of Kelley will mock or insult the player if they are playing as an Albion Contractor/Police Officer. They may also attack them.
  • The name is a play on Clan Kelly, a Scottish clan or the family name kinship of the surname Kelly in Scotland.
  • Clan Kelley is the second enemy faction in the series to use a wolf as their logo, with the first being the Sons of Ragnarok.