Not to be confused with the achievements / trophies in Watch Dogs.

Below are a list of badges earned by visiting City Hotspots in Watch Dogs.

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Newb Congratulations on your first check-in! Perform your first check-in at any location in the game. Exclusive Mission: The Palace (if not obtained before)
Sophisticated Good to see that you are expanding your horizons. Check in at the Chicago Arts & Sciences Center. Exclusive Mission: Signature Shot (if not obtained before)
Has Bean
Has Bean Sculpture is art for the masses. Glad to see you taking an interest! Check in at the Forever Sculpture. Exclusive Mission: Breakthrough (if not obtained before)
Take Five
Take Five Hey, that’s 5 unique location check-ins now! Check in at 5 unique locations in game.
Ahoy! Permission to come aboard, Captain? Checked in at The Chicago Yacht Club.
Best Buds
Best Buds Looks like your friends been here too; you two should hang out together more often. In a multiplayer session, check into a location that a player on your friend list has already checked into.
Got You Something
Got You Something You’re too kind; that’s 5 gifts you’ve left for others. Leave 5 gifts at check-in locations.
Regular Hey, you must be a regular! That’s 5 check-ins at one location in a week! Check in at the same location 5 times within a 7-day period
Getting Around
Getting Around You’ve checked in at 10 unique locations; keep exploring! Check in at 10 unique locations in the game.
Power of Friendship
Power of Friendship Nice to see you’ve made friends. In a multiplayer session, check in to the same location as a player on your friends list within 30 seconds of each other.
Top of the World
Top of the World Wow, you’ve got a head for heights! You’ve checked in at the 3 highest locations! Check in at the 3 tallest buildings in the game (not the highest points; the skyscrapers in Mad Mile and the Loop).
Centurion Whoa, 100 check-ins; you’re certainly getting around town! Check in 100 times total.
Crowd Surfer
Crowd Surfer I predict a riot! That’s 5 people checked in here at the same time! In a multiplayer session, check into a location where 4 other players are checked in.
Native Chicagoan
Native Chicagoan Wow, you’ve checked in at every location. We bow down to your greatness. Check into every location in-game at least once.
Man on the Run
Man on the Run Here, piggy piggy. Check into a City Traveler location with maximum felony active.
Newly Elected
Newly Elected Congratulations, you're a mayor! Become the mayor of a City Traveler location.
Power Hungry
Power Hungry Power corrupts, so be careful! Become the mayor of 3 locations at the same time.
Call of the Water
Call of the Water You really like boats, don't you? Check into The Chicago Yacht Club and the Windy City Shipyards within 90 seconds of each other.
Architectural Marvels
Architectural Marvels Buildings, don't you just love them! Check in at the Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, Chicago World News Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and the John Hancock Center.
Pack Your Bags
Pack Your Bags Sorry, we've lost your reservation, try a different hotel. Check in at the Owl Motel and the Crazy Moose Inn within 240 seconds of each other.
Keeper of the Lighthouse
Keeper of the Lighthouse It can get pretty lonely out here; it can even drive you mad! Check in at the Harbor Lighthouse.
Nightcrawler Whoops, Blume must have forgotten to pay the electricity bill. Check in at Blume during a blackout.
Fugitive You're brave! Don't hang around too long! Check into the Palin Correctional Center while actively chased by the police.
Cemetery Waltz
Cemetery Waltz When the clock strikes midnight...I'm too scared to finish this sentence! Check into the St. Joseph Cemetery at midnight (game time).
Green Thumb
Green Thumb Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Check into the Botanical Gardens when it's raining.
Romantic Getaway
Romantic Getaway I'm not going to ask too many questions; just don't get caught, okay? In a multiplayer session, check into the Owl Motel with a friend after midnight (game time).
Batter Up!
Batter Up! Buy me a pretzel, would you? Enjoy the game fellas. In a multiplayer session, check into the May Stadium with 3 players on your friends list.
Pier Pressure
Pier Pressure Feeling nautical, are we? Check into the Navy Pier Building.
A More Perfect Union
A More Perfect Union Happy 4th of July! Check into the John Hancock Center on the Fourth of July (system date).
Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes It's nice to get out and see the sights. Check in at the Burned Down Factory.
Water Under the Bridge
Water Under the Bridge Why did the chicken cross the bridge? To get to the other side. Check in at the Cermak Bridge.
Honest Abe
Honest Abe In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Check in at the Abraham Lincoln Statue.
We Are Not Alone
We Are Not Alone Is there anybody out there? Check in at the WKZ-TV Center during a communications disruption.
Jewelers' Delight
Jewelers' Delight This was once the tallest building outside of New York, you know. Check in at 35 East Wacker Drive.
Auto Graveyard
Auto Graveyard See anything you like? Check in at the Junkyard 10 times.
Double Wide
Double Wide The only thing better than a house is a house on wheels! Check in at the Pawnee Trailer Park.
Dam It!
Dam It! It ain't just beavers who can build impressive dams; check out this beauty. Check in at the Dam.
Lumberjack There's trouble at the old mill! Wait, never mind... Check in at the Pawnee Mill.
Broken Rail
Broken Rail You might be here for some time... In a multiplayer session, check in at the Abandoned Station with a friend.
Bridge Builder
Bridge Builder Ever been to Madison County? I think you might like it. Check in at the Cermak Bridge, the Bridge Construction, and the Vyvyn K. Turner Bridge.
Theater Buff
Theater Buff Looks like you've soaked up all the city has to offer! Check in at the Ambrose Theatre, the Phoebus Theater, and the Cree Theater.
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna This is my city! Become the mayor of City Hall.
Uber Tourist
Uber Tourist Let me count: 1,2,3...200 check-ins! Impressive. Check in a total of 200 times.
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