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For the coach bus variant, see Coach.

The MatarHorn Trucks City Bus is a bus in Watch Dogs 2.


The City Bus is based on the vast majority of buses that are operated by the real-life San Francisco Municipal Railway, using the same gray and red paint scheme and gray and turquiose for Oakland. The vehicle comes with a small bicycle rack on the front and LED signs that read the location where the bus is found. For example, if the bus is in San Francisco or in Oakland, the LED sign will read "SAN FRANCISCO" or "OAKLAND" respectively. The bus also bears two LCD screens on both sides, as well as a third one on the rear showing "SF" or "OAK".


City buses mainly spawn in denser areas such as downtown San Francisco and Oakland, but spawn less frequently in suburban areas and highways. They are never seen parked in a "bus depot" under a highway that leads to the Bay Bridge much like the Coach.


The performance of the vehicle is very similar to that of the Coach Bus, having low speed and acceleration, but average handling. Its brute force means it can pass through small cars easily, but the windows do not provide enough protection against gunfire.


The city bus, along with the Coach Bus and Bogen Bus, is a key component in the obtaining of the "Something to Ride" trophy/achievement. To earn this reward, simply hijack a bus.



  • Commonly seen in urban areas around San Francisco and Oakland.
  • Rarely seen in Silicon Valley.
  • Unlike the Coach and all the other vehicles in the game, the City Bus itself is never seen never parked, not even in the "bus depot" under a highway that leads to the Bay Bridge.


  • This is the second-largest vehicle in the game, after the Coach.
  • The rear fascia of the City Bus is very similar to the Bus in Driver: San Francisco, the previous major installment by Ubisoft. Also, like the Coach, the Bus' engine sound is very similar to that of buses and trucks in the aforementioned game.
  • Buses heading from San Francisco to Oakland via the Bay Bridge will always stay on the left lane, and drive to Sausalito to get back to their own city.
  • Buses heading from Oakland to San Francisco the Bay Bridge will head to Silicon Valley and then head their direction to their own city.


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