Chicago sunrise
Concept art of sunrise in Chicago.
State Illinois
Country United States
Estimated population 2.7 million (2013)
Number of districts 6
Appears in Watch Dogs

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the third largest city in the United States. It is the main setting of Watch Dogs, and is home to the Central Operating System (CTOS) which began citywide use in 2011.


The majority of the city has experienced urbanization and has been largely developed to accommodate business and inhabitants. The city's infrastructure is controlled by a computer system known as CTOS. The operating system software controls transportation, the Crime Prediction System technology, telecommunications, blockers, drawbridges, and much more. Aiden Pearce can hack the system to control all of these functions.


Chicago features six districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Watchdogs Chicago Satellite

A satellite view of Watch Dogs' Chicago. The largest outlined area cannot be accessed.

Famous Buildings

The city of Chicago features many famous buildings such as:


The city of Chicago is crossed by the Chicago River, separating the downtown in two parts, connected by several bridges that Aiden is able to raise. Lake Michigan is also featured and is stepped by highway bridges. The lake can be crossed by boats and is connected to the city by a harbor.

Law Enforcement

Chicago Police Department is the main law enforcement in the city and the rurals of Chicago. However, their interaction to the public is scarce and they rarely patrol in the streets, relying more on CTOS scans. If someone happens to commit a crime, a CTOS scan will be initiated and authorities will respond accordingly if a CTOS scan is successful and the suspect has been located.


Chicago, being a large city, has a large road network composed by avenues and highways. These highways cross the entire urban area with bridges and tunnels. Aiden can change the way of the circulation with his smartphone. The city also features water zones accessible by boat.

Chicago can also be crossed or visited by taking the L-Train, run by the Chicago Transit Authority, that Aiden can control. The Chicago public transport network is also composed by taxis, run by Rapid Cab, such as the taxi cab and the Water Taxi. Bus stops also exist around the city and people can even be seen waiting at them for the bus, but strangely, there are no buses in Watch Dogs. However, at certain bus stops a bus map is visible, revealing Chicago does have an extensive bus system. This suggests buses were cut late in development, or the maps are a developer's oversight.



  • The entire map is open for players to explore from the beginning of the game (CTOS access needs to be gained for each area in order to gain hacking power however).
  • In the upper right hand corner of the map (only accessible by boat or swimming), there is a small area with marooned row boats and a tiny island.
  • Chicago's iconic O'Hare International Airport is excluded from the map, even though the map contains more than enough space to accommodate it. The airport, however, is mentioned in the ebook Watch Dogs: //n/Dark_Clouds.

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