Watch Dogs Chess
Chess Puzzles are mini games that the player can take part in, typically found inside cafés around the city. Each location contains a different type of chess puzzle. There's a small park in The Loop that contains all gamemodes, including the standard chess game. After completing 10 of the puzzles (full games are not counted) the player unlocks Maximized Focus skill in the Skills Tree.

Full Game

In the Full Game, the player can play against the AI in a full game of chess. The AI difficulty can be selected before the game starts.

Survival Puzzles

Survival puzzles challenge the player to make a certain number of moves before being checkmated. The board starts in a pre-defined setup and plays out the same every time.

Endgame Puzzles

Endgame puzzles challenge the player to checkmate the oppponent in a certain number of moves without being checkmated. Just like the others, these puzzles start with a pre-defined setup. Difference between this and Survival Puzzles is in this one, board has all the pieces except the ones taken out because of the scenario.

Path Puzzles

Path puzzles challenge the player to take out stationary pawns with the given pieces. The player has to take out allpawns under a move limit. The board starts with a pre-defined setup just like the others.

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