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Over 30 weapons appear in Watch Dogs 2, with some of them returning from Watch Dogs. Unlike in the first game, weapons no longer rely on a rating system consisting of stars and now have six different stats with bars (except the ammo, which is a number), including:

  • Damage: How much a weapon damages its target.
  • Fire Rate: How fast the weapon firing system is.
  • Range: How far a weapon round can reach.
  • Stability: How stable the weapon is at continuous firing.
  • Reload speed: How fast the weapon reloads.
  • Ammo: How many rounds the weapon carries in a magazine (or tube, in the case of shotguns).

Most of the customized weapons (or DedSec weapons) can be generated via a 3D Printer, which works the same way as in gun stores of Watch Dogs. By selecting a weapon, the game tells the difference between the current weapon and the selected weapon. Like the first game, weapons can be retrieved from the Weapon Wheel, but only two may be carried at a time besides the Stun Gun.

List of Standard Weapons

Handguns Submachine Guns Assault Rifles
Shotguns Sniper Rifles Light Machine Gun

List of Dedsec Weapons

Melee Handguns Assault Rifles
Sniper/Anti-Materiel rifles Shotguns Grenade Launchers

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