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This page is about vehicles in general, and a full list of every vehicle in the Watch Dogs series is provided at the bottom of this page. For a list of vehicles in Watch Dogs, see Vehicles in Watch Dogs. For a list of vehicles in Watch Dogs 2, see Vehicles in Watch Dogs 2.

A number of vehicles appear in Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs: Legion, allowing for land and water transportation.


Though Aiden cannot customize vehicles, other factions in the games can. The Police, of course, have customized vehicles with sirens, lights on top, and "Police" painted on the sides, the Black Viceroys paint their cars black and orange, with orange crowns on the front, The Pawnee Militia paint theirs green, and the Chicago South Club and Fixers also have their own custom vehicles. WKZ TV also maintains customized news vans, and Blume owns a fleet of ctOS branded maintenance (and enforcement) vehicles. Defalt also owns a heavily modified Woodie.

In Watch Dogs 2, SFPD and OPD utilize modified Cavale, Talos, and MRAP interceptors, the Tezcas own Blue Vespid Lowriders, Bratva drive black Hailkal R 's with white stripes, and The Auntie Shu Boys drive grey Baumsteigers with red Chinese characters. The Sons of Ragnarok customize their bikes with stencils of their logo, and Umeni have their custom Sonarus LX cruisers. Marcus can paint his cars with paint jobs he has purchased or found, as well as with the default paint jobs he begins with.

License plates

A license plate in Watch Dogs 2.

Although license plates cannot be customized, every vehicle in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 has a randomly generated license plate on the front and back bumpers of the vehicle. The license plates in Watch Dogs are Illinois plates, because Chicago is in Illinois, and the license plates in Watch Dogs 2 are California license plates, because San Francisco is in California. Registrations are presented in an A0A-0A0 pattern, different from their actual counterparts. The same pattern is used between both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. The license plates in Watch Dogs: Legion are United Kingdom license plates, as London is in the United Kingdom. Registrations are presented in a seven-numbered combination which are randomized, similar to their real life counterparts.

Obtaining vehicles

Aiden can easily obtain vehicles by stealing them, or, in the case of cars, ordering them through the Car On Demand app on his smartphone. Not all cars are available on the app, however, and the more exotic cars also have exotic prices (although some of the more common cars are free). If one is planning to steal a vehicle, the best options are the parked ones, as it is likely that the victim will call 911 and initiate a police chase when attempting to steal a driven vehicle. Keep in mind that in Watch Dogs, shooting and driving at the same time was not possible, only passengers were able to shoot. This feature is added in Watch Dogs 2, which allows both the driver and any passengers to shoot weapons.

In Watch Dogs 2, vehicles can be bought from dealerships, allowing them to be instantly available from the Car on Demand app.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, vehicles can be obtained by recruiting a operative who has a vehicle, by the player getting into a autonomous vehicle, or stealing them from a civilian.

Destroying vehicles

Watch Dogs

There are several ways to increase damage to vehicles:

  • The Destroyer sniper rifle can take out cars with a single shot. It is a reward for completing 10 Criminal Convoy side missions.
  • The Offensive Driver driving skill increases damage to other cars when ramming them. The skill requires completing 5 Fixer Contract side missions.
  • The Shotgun Expert combat skill increases damage to cars from shotguns.
  • Hacks like Steam pipes, bollards, and transformer vaults can instantly destroy a vehicle if timed right, and presumably also kill the driver as well.
    • Vehicle takedown hacks have numerous cinematic effects, including slow-motion, zoom, and more realistic (albeit slightly scripted) collisions.
  • Perhaps the most obvious way to damage a vehicle is simply colliding with one, or forcing others to collide with indestructible scenery. However, this is the least effective method, as enemy NPCs can only be taken down via collision damage when either a rather uncommon script kicks in, (Recognizable when takedown dialogue plays,) or the vehicle is so heavily damaged that the collision causes the engine to cut out and emit heavy smoke, often coupled with fire.

Watch Dogs 2

  • The YourBoySerge rifle (The successor's equivalent to the Destroyer) can take out cars with a single shot. It can be purchased via a 3D printer located in any HQ.
  • Scenery hacks with proximity triggers will instantly destroy vehicles, but be warned, if your car is caught in a steam pipe blast, depending on the amount of durability, it will result in either vehicle destruction, death, or both.
    • Blocker takedowns (and vehicle takedowns in general) are much less spectacular in the sequel, lacking all cinematic effects from the first game. Enemy NPC vehicles will also no longer be flipped by steam pipes, and will act like player vehicles when taken down by blockers. Takedown dialog is still present, however.
  • The Shotgun Expert combat skill increases damage to cars from shotguns.
  • Visual (and mechanical) damage is much more prevalent in Watch Dogs 2. Hoods will crumple, fenders can now snap off, and vehicles will begin to struggle much earlier than the previous damage model. Due to the new damage model, it is much easier to total cars giving chase by redirecting them physically or via ctOS hacks.

Watch Dogs: Legion

  • The CT Drone can explode vehicles in one shot with a missile strike.
  • Grenade Launchers can also explode vehicles in one shot.
  • Vehicles rammed against a solid object will catch fire, and then explode.
  • The missiles from the spy car can lock onto vehicles, and explode them.

List of vehicles

For a complete list of vehicles in Watch Dogs, see Vehicles in Watch Dogs. For a complete list of vehicles in Watch Dogs 2, see Vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. For a list of automakers and manufacturers, see automakers.


  • The Helicopter is the only known aerial vehicle in the game.
  • Some of the more expensive vehicles are fitted with daytime running lights. Usually, these are dedicated LED-strips.
  • In Watch Dogs, destroyed vehicles will explode after a few seconds in singleplayer, but not multiplayer. The player will die if inside a vehicle when it explodes. If the vehicle doesn't explode, the player will burn to death due to the fire.
  • There seems to be some difference in vehicle availability in console generations. The previous generation, consisting of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, has all vehicles available. Their successors, however, seem to miss a few, most notably the boats. The previous generation, as mentioned above, does however have some issues with spawn-rates of, for instance, emergency vehicles, WKZ TV vehicles, and the Philandra.
  • Civilians will run away if the player drives too close to them or nearly runs them over. In Watch Dogs 2, however, they can also insult Marcus or actually open the door and drag him out of his car. This is also the case in Watch Dogs: Legion.
  • If the player shoots a gun from a vehicle if they have two rifles equipped, they will instantly be equipped with a 4N00bs pistol or a P-9mm. This is most likely a glitch.
  • While in the video games no real cars or car companies are used, in Watch Dogs //n/Dark Clouds, actual manufacturer names and models are mentioned, such as Ford, Acura, Porsche, Jaguar, and Cadillac, namely the Escalade.
  • As a car nears its death bed, subtle details can be noticed. For example, if a bumper is loose and is making contact with the road, you can hear it scrape. A damaged vehicle's transmission will grind its gears when shifting, and the car will stay in gears much longer due to mechanical engine damage. Gear shifts are also exceptionally sluggish, and the engine will misfire more often. The most obvious indicator of vehicle damage is when the radiator begins to emit steam. When a vehicle has finally taken too much punishment, vehicles will often catch fire or emit heavy smoke, regardless if the vehicle was running or not. This is noticeable in traffic pileups in which some totaled vehicles will catch fire, whilst others will not.

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