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This is a list of all missions in Watch Dogs: Legion. See the Navigation bar at the bottom for story missions.

Main Missions


Squad Goals

Body Snatchers

Family Business

Zero Tolerance

Spy Games

Down the Darkweb

True Colors

London Rising

Borough Uprisings

Side Missions


Kaitlin Lau


Hamish Bolaji


Online Missions

Co-op Missions:

  • Dysfunction
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Meltdown
  • Reversion
  • Repossession
  • Spare Parts
  • Vigilante
  • The Red Blade

Tactical Ops:

Story Missions in Watch Dogs: Legion
Prologue Operation Westminster
Squad Goals Restart DedSecReporting For DutyDigging Up the Past
Body Snatchers Lost in the ProcessClan Kelley's New ExportBloody Mary Kelley
Family Business Initiate Sequence404 Not FoundComing HomeInto the Void
Zero Tolerance Gap in the ArmourInside AlbionStealing SchemesIn the Belly of the Beast
Spy Games The WhistleblowerEspionage 101Honey TrapHunting Zero DaySmoking GunKill BoxThe Malik DossierBarbarians at the Gate
Down the Darkweb Crashing the AuctionMarket ClosingFalling From Grace
True Colors Restoking the FireNigel's Close ShaveDefanging the FlockJustice4ClaireLondon's Protectors
London Rising DedSec PartyThe Face of the EnemyHard Reset

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