This category lists all of the missions in Watch Dogs. For missions in Watch Dogs 2, see here.

There are 40 main missions available in Watch Dogs. The main story missions are unlocked as the story progresses, and side missions can be found around Chicago, or through Aiden's smartphone. There are:

  • 9 missions in Act I
  • 15 missions in Act II
  • 6 missions in Act III
  • 7 missions in Act IV
  • 2 missions in Act V

None of the missions can be replayed unless the player selects "New Game" in the menu section. Most of the missions are named after a specific quote that a character in that mission says.

Main missions

Act I

A hit was ordered on Aiden Pearce and Damien Brenks after the failed Merlaut Hotel heist, and Maurice Vega was hired to kill Aiden, but ended up killing Lena Pearce, niece of Aiden. One year later, Aiden seeks revenge to find out who ordered the hit on him. During this period, he finds himself reuniting with Nicole and Jackson, and after a call hit Nicole, he aims to trace the source of the caller. He also makes contact with Clara Lille, a DedSec hacker under the name Badboy17, and Lucky Quinn, leader of the Chicago South Club.

There are 9 missions in this act.

Act II

What appears to be a normal revenge turns out to be a ransom from Damien Brenks, after kidnapping Nicky. Damien demands a ransom, by tracing an IP address, and retrieving the data in the IP. He finds himself encountering the Black Viceroys, and the Bunker, the first ctOS test site, and meets Tobias Frewer, a ctOS pioneer. He also sees an auction by Lucky Quinn, which turns out to be a human trafficking ring.

There are 15 missions in this act.


The data retrieved from Rossi-Fremont is locked by an encryption made by Raymond Kenney, the creator of ctOS, and Aiden and Clara must find him in order to decrypt it. Upon encountering Kenney, under the name of "T-Bone", Kenney reaches out to Aiden as a whistleblower of Blume to wipe his data about him, in order to help Aiden decrypt the data. After helping out Kenney with the wipeout, Aiden storms in to Rossi-Fremont and retrieve all the data, and kills Iraq. Aiden also encounters Damien, who demands access to ctOS in exchange for T-Bone's whereabouts.

There are 6 missions in this act.

Act IV

While decrypting the data, which contains blackmail on all Chicago citizens, an unknown hacker deletes all the data, leaving Aiden without the ransom to save Nicky. Damien threatens Aiden by displaying news reports about him, attracting the police and the public. Aiden retrieves the data from Defalt, a professional hacker under the name JB Marcowicz and rescues Nicky to safety. Fearing for the safety of his family, Aiden evacuates Nicky and Jackson out of Chicago, and kills Quinn, the one who ordered the hit one year ago on Aiden and Damien.

There are 7 missions in this act.

Act V

Since the data is no use since Nicky is saved, Aiden gives it all away to the public, revealing secrets on the death of Rose Washington, because of Mayor Rushmore. Damien is infuriated about this, and challenges Aiden in a citywide destruction using ctOS. In retaliation, Aiden shuts down ctOS with T-Bone, plunging the city in a blackout, and kills Damien, and injures Jordi after a brief encounter. The player can also choose to spare or execute Maurice at the end of this act.

There are only 2 missions in this act.

Side missions

Fixer Contracts

Gang Hideouts

Gang Hideouts are missions that require Aiden to take down a specific target inside a hideout.

Criminal Convoys

Criminal Convoys require Aiden to eliminate or take down (non-lethal) a target along a specific route before it reaches its destination.

CTOS Control Centers

Unlocking Control Centers are essential to access the Profiler and progress the story.

DLC missions


Signature Shot


All missions

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