Gang hideouts are optional side missions in Watch_Dogs. They occur at various locations around Chicago while some are available immediately after the ctOS systems are unlocked for a given region, some can be acquired through hacking members of the public and listening to phone or SMS conversations.

While the start location of the mission is given on the map screen, the actual location in which the mission takes place is not revealed until after the mission is accepted, and it usually appears in an enclosed and gated compound within a few city blocks of the start location. The aim of the mission is to knock out (but not kill) the gang leader who is usually protected by a large number of heavily armed gang members who can be killed without prejudice.

Also, as with private security contractors, many of these gang members can call for reinforcements which results in a number of vehicles arriving bringing more gang members to the mission location. Once the gang has suffered sufficiently heavy losses the gang leader will try to flee the scene, you must then persue him and perform a takedown. At this point your mission objective will be to evade or kill the remaining gang members. 

The gang hideouts mission can become very tough if the Chicago Police Department is involved as well (Which can be done by doing crimes and ctOS scan is initiated before taking out the enemies). 


  • Each Gang Hideout gives one skill point as a reward.
  • Once the first Gang Hideout is completed, you will be given an AK-47.
  • After the completion of five Gang Hideouts, you will be rewarded with the Skill: Rapid Reload.
  • After completing ten Gang Hideouts, you will be rewarded with the Spec Ops SMG-11.
  • Once all fifteen Gang Gideouts are completed, you are rewarded with the Achievment/Trophy: 'Basest Base.'

List of Gang Hideouts

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