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Not to be confused with the more modern Streetcar.

Cable Cars are rideable vehicles in Watch Dogs 2.


The Cable Car (also called Tram) is based on the single-ended variant of the "California Car" cable car, the kind which typically run on the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines of the San Francisco cable car system. The in-game version appears with a slightly modernized design, in a red/white scheme with LCD screens on it.

Cable Cars appears to have capacity for at least 20 passengers, where four seats can be seen at the front section, eight on the back and stepsides for six passengers hanging on the sides and two for the back ones. Between the front seats, an operator can be seen, which is the responsible for the operation of the car. When around, they make stops at intersections and sometimes, cable cars rings a bell that can be heard when picking up a passenger. If hit with enough force, Cable Cars will be knocked off the track. These are operated all day.


Marcus cannot take control or hack the cable car, but he can ride in one for travelling around Union Square, Chinatown and The Tenderloin. By taking one for the first time, the player can get the DedSec-A-Roni achievement.


  • Because of the game's physics, Cable Cars will be gradually deformed over time when travelling around or when going uphills or downhills.
  • Cable Cars are the only vehicles in the game which are immune to hacking.
  • There is a cable car on display near the Transbay Transit Center. Curiously, the profiler will detect invisible NPCs riding the vehicle, reading their names, jobs, incomes and traits. However, the emoticon system does not appear, and the NPCs cannot be hacked in any way. This is the result of a glitch.


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