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Brody Goodale
Cole Goodall
Full name Brody Goodale
Status Incarcerated
Nationality American
Residence San Francisco
Affiliation(s) Nudle
Profession Ex-Senior Programmer
Appears in Watch Dogs 2

Brody Goodale is a character in Watch Dogs 2.


Brody Goodale is a senior programmer for Nudle, who had accused Horatio Carlin of working for DedSec. Horatio denied the allegations, although he really was working for DedSec and was unsure how Brody figured this out. In the mission Limp Nudle, while speaking with Horatio, Marcus hacks the office he and Horatio are in, causing him to get angry and leave. This gives Horatio time to give the server room passkey to Marcus, who is watching through a camera. After Marcus has hacked the Nudle server farm, Sitara manages to switch Horatio's keystrokes with Goodale's. Brody's boss, while in the process of firing Horatio, receives a phone call, and proclaims that Nudle have made a mistake. Brody is thought to be the actual one working for DedSec, not Horatio. He is then taken out and never heard from again. However, during free-roam, the player can hack a phone call, which explains how Brody was removed from the office and arrested thereafter.


Brody can be seen wearing a blue dress shirt with beige pants and brown shoes, and an employee name tag with his name on it. He has a crew-cut and brown eyebrows.


  • Horatio Carlin: Brody had a poor relationship with Horatio, as Horatio considered him annoying and imposing. This was only amplified by Brody's suspicion of Horatio's involvement in DedSec.

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