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For the Headquarters, see Broca Tech HQ.

Broca Tech is a organization in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Broca Tech was founded by Skye Larsen at some point in the early 21st century. Broca Tech is known for the Bagley AI that they created in partnership with Blume for their Optik. It is also known for Project Daybreak, a chance for the rich to live in an ideal world devoid of problems. What Broca Tech failed to disclose is what Daybreak was actually about, as it was revealed that Daybreak actually focused on by Skye Larsen manipulating customers' minds, up until the point where she could control them. She would then sell off the AI to companies for them to use.

Events of Legion

Depending on the ending of the mission Into the Void, Daybreak is either still active, or has been shut down out of respect of Skye Larsen's death. After the story ends, Broca Tech is not mentioned again, except for in side missions connected with Nowt.


The Broca Tech headquarters are located in the City of Westminster, just west of the DedSec Safehouse. Underneath the main floor, the Broca Tech Quantum Core contains Bagley's servers, as seen in the mission Hard Reset. In the Bloodline DLC, Aiden Pearce went to the Broca Tech Deep Labs to steal a robot-controlling device, before Wrench interfered.