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A player having fun hacking bridges.

For the hacking skill that allows the control of bridges, see Bridge Control.

Bridges are roadways that can be hacked in Watch Dogs.


In Chicago, there are 13 hackable draw bridges which look the same in appearance, except three of them have L-Trains running over them and two are double-leveled. Using the Bridge Control hack, Aiden can lift or lower these bridges to cause traffic jams and stop trains (if the train goes over that bridge.)


  • Jumping off the top of a bridge (raised or not) into water will strangely not harm the player at all.
    • Hitting anything else (like a sidewalk) will result in death, though.
  • Using the raised bridge as a ramp, if the player is driving a vehicle and bails out while the car is mid-air, the player will come crashing down and this will result in an immediate death.
  • Bridges with trains running over them cannot be hacked if a train is currently driving over the bridge.
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