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Aiden Pearce walks into the coffee house.

Brewed Delight is a chain of cafés that appears in both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. It parodies both Starbucks and Peet's Coffee.


Watch Dogs

Brewed Delight's menu offers a variety of hot drinks, along with pastries and desserts. Aiden can purchase a cup of coffee for $3 that will temporarily boost the focus meter. At some of their cafés, you can play chess.

Watch Dogs 2

Once again, Brewed Delight appears again in Watch Dogs 2, although its interactivity is reduced; its locations generally serve as a Fast Travel spot. Marcus can drink coffee, but it will have no affect.


In the Watch Dogs universe, Brewed Delight seems to have a national, and presumably, an international presence. Billboards and other advertisements can be seen throughout Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

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