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Brandon Docks is a large industrial district in the southeastern part of Chicago in Watch Dogs.


Hence the name, the district is industrial and features a large port. Because this is an industrial area, industrial vehicles such as Flatbeds and Relegaters spawn very often. From the start of the game, this area is locked when it comes to hacking other pedestrians and performing most commands using the Profiler or Smartphone, much like with The Wards and Mad Mile. Because of this, Aiden must go to this district's own CTOS Control Center located in the port to intrude and unlock it. After doing so, Aiden can now hack pedestrians and make commands using his Profiler and Smartphone (such as using the Car On Demand app). 


CTOS Control Center

It is located in the Lakeshore Water Refinery. Aiden must hack it to find Robert Racine.

CTOS Towers

  • Lake Shore Tower
  • Des Monts Canal Tower
  • Calumet Market Tower

City Hotspots

There are a total of six City Hotspots located in Brandon Docks.

Hotspot Name Location
The Chicago Yacht Club Brandon Docks
Cermak Bridge Brandon Docks
Four Deuces Brandon Docks
Lakeshore Water Refinery Brandon Docks
Windy City Shipyards Brandon Docks
Sienna Brick Factory Brandon Docks

Cash Runs

There are a total of 10 Cash Run locations in Brandon Docks.

Name Gold Timing Silver Timing Bronze Timing Location
Gangway Grab 1:24:00 1:45:00 2:06:00
Dockland Dash 1:23:00 1:44:00 2:05:00
The Crane Technique 1:26:00 1:48:00 2:09:00
Silo Scramble 1:32:00 1:55:00 2:18:00
Workshop Trot 1:17:00 1:36:00 1:56:00
Unsafe Harbour 1:26:00 1:48:00 2:09:00
On the Scrapheap 1:30:00 1:53:00 2:15:00
Demolition Derby 1:43:00 2:09:00 2:35:00
Barging About 1:55:00 2:24:00 2:53:00
Boxes of Tricks 1:33:00 1:56:00 2:20:00


  • Some blue freight trains spawn at the port. They do not move and this is their only appearance in the game. 
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